[Photo] Traveling to Hokkaido

04 September 2017 – 07 September 2017

I’m at Haneda airport!

Watching Higurashi no nakukoro ni in the air is fun

I’ve just arrived Memanbetsu airport at Hokkaido!

Hokkaido has fresh and delicious seafoods!!

Good morning Hokkaido!

I went to Abashiri prison

Many prisoners!!

Golden Kamuy at Abashiri prison! It is a manga of old Hokkaido

Wild deer at Shiretoko!!

Wild Ezo red fox at car park!

He wants food and approaches traveller

So beautiful and foggy Hokkaido!!

Salmon and Salmon roe bowl, crab and kelp ramen at Rausu, Hokkaido. Rausu is famous for kelp (Rausu Konbu)

Notsuke peninsular is ends of Japan. There are dead trees by erosion of beaches

I met Tancho(Japanese red crowned crane) which is representative bird of Japan.

Kami no Ko Ike at Kiyosato, Hokkaido. Its color changes by angle of sunlight. It is beautiful beyond description!

Shiretokogoko(Shiretoko five lakes), at first sight, I don’t know which is which!

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