[Manga][Anime] Golden Kamuy -Battle and Gourmet Action!

 The big hit manga series Golden Kamuy (ゴールデンカムイ) announced to be animated.

We introduce it while you are waiting.

The Russo-Japanese War finished 1905.

Golden Kamuy started in the north region, Hokkaido.

Main character, Saichi Sugimoto (杉元 佐一) was the strongest solgier in the Russo-Japan War and is called as “Immortal Sugimoto”.

He wants to make money to save his dead comrade’s wife.

He came to Hokkaido to find gold dust in rivers and heard the rumor that the secret gold of the ethic Ainu had stolen.

Sugimoto decided to find it, but was attacked by a bear in the forest.

Asiripa saved him.


Asiripa (アシリパ) is an Ainu girl. She knows well Ainu culture and is a skilled hunter.

She is searching for the murderer of her father who kept Ainu gold.

They agreed to support together.


In the way of searching, they found a tattooed prisoner.

The location of Ainu gold was painted as tattoo in the back of prisoner.

They must find 24 prisoners to make a map of gold.


While Sugimoto and Asiripa are trying to find all prisoners, other groups attack them.

The Imperial Japanese Army, ex-Shogun’s military force, many criminals and Ainu people are competing to get gold !


This manga contains many actions and battles. It will make you exciting.

And more, its attractive point is “cooking”.

Sugimoto and Asiripa must go forward with hiding themselves in forest. Sometimes she hunts animals and cooks it in the way of Ainu traditional.


Sugimoto is not familiar with Ainu cooking.

The strongest guy must eat it!


And this pretty girl shows you many facial expressions.


Action! Battle! Cooking!

Golden Kamuy gives you too much emotions.

Just wait!


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