[Topic][Vocaloid] 10th anniversary of Hatsune Miku

31 August 2017 is 10th anniversary of Hatsune Miku!

I draw Hatsune Miku illustraton.

She has influenced on many creators and listeners not only otaku but also not otaku.
And there have been many people who start to compose music by Hatsune Miku!

Probably these three are the most famous and successful composers(in Japan)!


Tell your world

DJ by kz(livetune)



Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari(ED: Bakemonogatari)

Kenshi Yonezu(Hachi)


Peace sign(OP: My Hero Academia)

But one of the great pleasure of Hatsune Miku is to find favorite song whether famous or not.

I like “lamaze P
He(She?) have composed very cute love songs!

Blushifying Phenomena 100%

There was’t enough time

Mikito P” is also my favorite composer.


Ii Aru Fanclub(GUMI・Rin Kagamine)

Hatsune Miku is famous for she has many cute and funny songs.
But there are many “Grateful songs to Hatsune Miku” too, and they are very moving!
Many composers say “I was saved by Hatsune Miku” in their songs!

ODDS&ENDS by ryo(supercell)

Desktop Cinderella by Hachioji P

All creators love Hatsune Miku with all their heart!

By the way, I read a blog which has been written a professional musician “Hiroyuki Kashima” who is bassist and bandleader of J-Rock band “JAPAHARINET“.
JAPAHARINET had broke through in 2004 哀愁交差点(Aishu Kousaten) and I also had watched at TV show.

But they broke up at 2007 because of they were extremely busy and worn out body and soul(according to Hiroyuki Kashima’s blog).
After that, he had composed commercial music, event music, anime music, etc as office worker in Tokyo.
But he never adapted to life in Tokyo(he is from Ehime, countryside), he felt he want to compose “His music” again.
At 2014, he retired from the company and returned hometown at last.
And he started to compose his music by Hatsune Miku and other vocaloids!!

明後日に翔ける橋Asatte ni Kakeru Hashi(Bridge over the day after tomorrow)

それでも世界は笑っているSoredemo Sekai wa Waratteiru(The world still smiles at us)

And JAPAHARINET got back together again in the following year! So many big fans delighted!
It means that Hiroyuki Kashima’s dream was shattered once, but Hatsune Miku made him start to compose his music and led mainstream again!
I was deeply impressed!

Hatsune Miku will continue to influence on many creators and become ハジメテノオトHajimete no Oto(The first sound) for young generation from now on!

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