[Topic] Shonen Jump Rookie Award, the winner created manga with a finger

Weekly Shonen Jump is the most popular manga magazine in Japan.

They recruit new talents every moment to develop their manga culture.


A new author Sou Atsumori has won the Jump Rookie Award by a romantic comedy titled “Anata ga koi to iunonara” (If you call m, あなたが恋と言うのなら).



At the meeting between the author and the editor, Atsumori revealed that he hadn’t used a pen to draw this work.

He drew a series of manga with smartphone and a finger.

It made the editor surprised.

Shonen Jump has already released an application for drawing manga on PC or tablet.


[Topic] Manga Create App – Jump Paint



No one thought that mangaka can create manga with only a finger on smartphone.

It’s possible!


Now Shonen Jump has opened the entry for the Jump’s Universal Manga Contest.

You can post your manga with 8 languages (JP/SC/TC/KO/EN/RU/ES/FR)


[Topic] Jump’s Universal Manga Contest wants you !



All of otaku are waiting for your new manga !


Of course, you can use a pen or a tablet as you like.


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