[Japanese Language] I’m not Zura! What is Zura? [Gintama]

Gintama is one of the best hit comedy series anime in Japan.
And this anime has many impressive characters.
Especially, Kotarou Katsura (桂 小太郎), who is Gintoki’s rival and good friend.
He is cool, mysterious and strange man. And also a strong sword man and sometime rapper. ♪If you’re gonna do it, do it now!


You may know well this punch line.

“Hey, Zura”

“I’m not Zura. I’m Katsura!”

(Zura janai. Katsura da)


This article tells you what is Zura.


His name Katsura (桂) comes from the name of a tree, Katsura(桂).

This wood is good for buildings and furniture.


On the other hand, Japanese language has another Katsura.

Katsura(鬘) means hair wig.

(Both words have different accents)


And hair wig is sometime called as zura for slang.

So he wants to say “I don’t wear wigs. I’m not bald”.

Yes, he has beautiful long hair!

“Katsura janai. Zura da!”


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