[Recommend][Manga] High Score Girl

I have read High Score Girl, written and illustrated by Rensuke Oshikiri, volume 1 to 7 last night.
This is a masterpiece of romantic comedy!

This manga takes place in 1990s (mainly in arcade) and describes about a boy and two girls who love video games.

Haruo Yaguchi(a boy who is not good at studying, not athletic and not attractive, but he is very good at video games (specially arcade fighting games))

Akira Oono(a girl who is rich, multi-talented, but her parents are very strict)

Koharu Hidaka(a girl who is boring and has neither self -confidence nor energy)

Haruo’s mad gamer skills, honest heart to games and innocent kindness attract two girls.
Playing arcade games with Haruo makes Oono free from strict home and also makes Koharu active.

Portraying the emotional relationships are excellent!

Oono doesn’t speak much, but has a passion for gaming.

Koharu was an inactive girl, but she is getting changed to be active and assertive girl through relationship with Haruo.

As the author Oshikiri has a great knowledge about 90s games, people who love them will fully enjoy this manga.

But people who don’t know games will enjoy this manga because of its excellent psychological description and many gags.

In 2013, it was reported to be animated!
But a game maker had criticized this manga and the publisher by copyright infringement. They already reached a settlement, we don’t know that it will be animated or not.

There are many big fan of this manga and we are waiting for its anime.
If you read this manga, you will become one of them!

By the way, author Rensuke Oshikiri is also known as big fan of arcade and fighting games.
Team Daigo Umehara vs Team Rensuke Oshikiri

Oshikiri sensei! (person wearing a knit cap)

Oh…looks exactly the same with Haruo!?

[News] High Score Girl gets an anime adaptation !!!


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