[Japanese Language] Kirei – You are Beautiful or Cleaned?

Tsuredure Children is now on air!

Omnibus romantic stories go on in high school.

We pick up one of the story lines,

Takuro Sugawara is in love with Chizuru Takano. But she is unaware of his feelings.

In episode 04, we have a lovely sketch about them.

After the class finished, Japanese students start a cleaning.

Takuro had courage to say to her; “(You are) Kirei”.

She replied; “Yes, the floor is Kirei”.

This conversation is hard to be translated.


A Japanese word “Kirei” primarily means beautiful.

So Takuro wanted to say; “You are beautiful”.


But Kirei also means clean, hygienic, sanitary,etc.

Chiduru thought; “I’ve finished to clean. You find this floor cleaned ?”


It’s a misunderstanding joke.

Ah, lost in translation.



Kirei Kotomine in Fate series

He is so Kirei !


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