[Legend] Red String of Fate in Koi to Uso,etc

Koi to Uso (Love and Lies) is now on air!

In the near future, 16 years old child must marry with a partner assigned by the government.

A boy, Yukari Nejima, has been in love with Misaki Takazaki and she seemed to accept it, but an official order told him that his assigned partner is Lilina Sanada.

He loves Misaki, however, Lilina is so cute!

What will he do! Ah, good romantic comedy!


These are the cover arts of Manga.

Looking carefully,

Each parson has a red string in the little finger.

*Misaki’s finger sign is referred in;

[Japanese language] What are 〇 and × ?


You can find this motif in the OP of anime, too.

This red string is a symbol of Koi to Uso.

It’s not original in this anime.

It comes from our ancient legend of “red string of fate”.


Our legend says; a boy and a girl connected with the red string are destined lovers and would be married. And this string is tied in the little finger.

Sometimes it is called “invisible red string”.

Myth is mystic. An invisible thing can be colored in red. Ok?


Yukari has a red string and its another end must be tied in the finger of someone.

It’s Misaki or Lilina ?

(or Nisaka? But he has no string)

Koi to Uso makes good images with this myth.


You can find the same motif in many anime.

In Your Name, the city where Mitsuha lives is named as Itomori (糸守) .

“糸 ito” means string. ( Ito Mori can be translated as “string keeper”)

And the most important item is the red string for hair band and bracelet.

It tied between Mitsuha and Taki.


And another good example is Attack on Titan.

Mikasa always wears red scarf given by Eren in childhood.

In the last episode of Season 2, Eren can’t battle anymore but titans are approaching.

Mikasa says,”Thanks, you wrapped this scarf around me.”


Eren stands and shouts,

”I’ll wrap that around you as many times as you want. Now and forever!”

So this red scarf is their red string.

Attack on Titan is a hard battle story, with a good sentiment.


When you watch anime, I recommend paying a little attention to strings in story.

It will make your Otaku life better!


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