[Manga] Delicious in Dungeon Synopsis and PV

The series manga “Delicious in Dungeon” (ダンジョン飯 Danjon Meshi) has been gaining popularity in Japan and its English version has been published in many countries.

In a fantasy world, the adventurers are going down the dungeon with catching monsters to eat. It’s a comical cooking fantasy story!

The party leader, Laios, wants to rescue his sister eaten by the red dragon before she is digested.

He is optimistic, but unreliable…v


Senshi is a dwarf warrior and a good cook.

Catching a monster,

He makes a good meal!


An elven magician, Marcille, doesn’t want to eat it.


“Ah, it’s good.”


Go forward with eating monsters!


Delicious in Dungeon PV has been released as a stop motion animation.


It will be animated?

I hope so!


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