[Japanese Language] Aho Girl = Fool in the Flower garden?

TV series anime Aho Girl is now on air !

What a nonsense comedy! Very funny!


We can translate “aho” as fool. But it’s too heartless.

This word is used often in the West region in Japan, particularly in Osaka.

So I was born in Tokyo, I don’t say aho in daily conversation.

Aho is a term to abuse someone, but with familiarity.

I guess. Because I don’t know well.

Aho girl means careless, thoughtless but lovely girl?


On the other hand, you may already know a word “baka”.

It’s simply abuse.

I don’t recommend you to say it while you travel in Japan.


And its main chara, just Aho girl, is Yoshiko Hanabatake.

Hanabatake means flower garden.

It wants to say Heaven.

When you find someone who is seemed to be very happy and thoughtless, you may say with sarcasm;

“this person lives in Hanabatake”.

It’s a good naming!


And trivia,

EP03, Yoshiko and Sayaka run to a banana farmer to thank his good fruits.

Actually, Japan is not tropical country, can’t produce bananas.

Totally joke.


And this big dog is voiced by Daisuke Namikawa.

One of the best seiyu says “wan wan” only.



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