[Gourmet] Your Name Cup Noodles on Sale with a message? [Ramen]

Your Name BD/DVD has been sold on 26 June.

[Topic] Your Name BD/DVD releasing with Special Bonus!

This best hit film has collaborates with many goods and finally Your Name Ramen has been released only in a conbini Lawson !

Why is it a ramen?

The middle part of the story, Taki determined to find a girl in the dream and started to travel with his friends.

On the way, they were getting information in a town and took a meal in a ramen shop.

Yes, it is!


I’ve bought one!


君の名は 高山らーめん

Kiminonaha(Your Name)  Takayama ramen

Takayama is the name of a town.

Director Makoto Shinkai collected beautiful landscapes to design the town of Mitsuha.

Takayama is one of them.

Oh, Master of the ramen shop is on the package!





Taki. Ah, a red band in the wrist!


Peeling a cardboard.




Pouring boiling water.


Wait 3 minuites……




So yummy!


What a delicious ramen!

Gochisousama deshita (Thanks for the meal).



“お前は 誰だ?”

“Who are you?”


At the first part of the film, Taki wrote it on the notebook of Mitsuha.

So fine!

Unfortunately, this is otakucalendarjapan.com.

Mitsuha will find you !


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