[Japanese language] サブカルクソ女Sabukaru Kuso Onna(A bitch who likes pop culture)

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A word “サブカルクソ女Sabukaru Kuso Onna” have often appeared in this manga.

Konoyo ni Aku ga Arutosureba Sorewa Sabukaru Kuso Onna da
(If there is evil in this world, it is Sabukaru Kuso Onna.)
literal translation: Sabukaru Kuso Onna = A bitch who likes pop culture

“Pop culture” is rephrased as “Subculture” in Japanese language.
“Sabukaru” is a shortened form of “Subculture”.

Sabukaru Kuso Onna wo Nikunde Hito wo Nikumazu…ka
(Don’t hate human, but the Sabukaru Kuso Onna.)
Sou Daremoga Sabukaru Kuso Onna wo Kokoroni Katte Irunosa
(Every person have Sabukaru Kuso Onna in their heart)

Does she hate the woman who likes pop culture(subculture)? For example, otaku, Fujoshi??
It’s not actually like that.

In Japan, “Sabukaru” is a slang and doesn’t mean every pop culture.
And “Sabukaru” mainly means minor, unique and high-rated pop culture.

For Example, in case of anime, Dragon Ball, Kimi no Na wa, Attack on Titan etc are pop culture but not Sabukaru because they are major.
On the other hand, Natsume’s Book of Friends, Sound! Euphonium, Girls und Panzer etc are Sabukaru bacause they are relatively minor and highly esteemed(in Japan).

In case of Visual-kei musicians, X Japan, L’Arc-en-Ciel, LUNA SEA etc are pop culture but not Sabukaru because they are very popular in Japan.
On the other hand, Buck-Tick, cali≠gari, PENICILLIN are Sabukaru bacause they are minor and unique visual-kei.

Popko in Pop Team Epic is shouting to Sabukaru Kuso Onna.

Tettoribayaku Sabukaru Item de Tokubetsu ni Nariteendaro?
(You instantly want to become unique person by saying “I like Sabukaru” is it not?)

Omae mo!! Omae mo!! omaeomaeomaeomae mo!!
(You!! You!! YouYouYouYou too!!)

It means Sabukaru Kuso Onna is a woman who use Sabukaru for decorating herself because many Japanese have favorable impression(unique, fun, friendly etc) to pop culture, and appealing “I like Sabukaru” sometimes impress other person favorably.

In fact, many famous person have said “I like Sabukaru”


They aren’t called as Sabukaru Kuso Onna because they really like Sabukaru.

It means the author of Pop Team Epic loves Sabukaru(Pop Team Epic is one of the newest Sabukaru manga), and she(he?) doesn’t like a person who says “I like Sabukaru” even though they don’t like Sabukaru so much.
And it also means a person who is otaku and likes Sabukaru or pop culture often impress other person favorably, and there are many person who pretend to be otaku in Japan(especially among young people).

The point is, “Sabukaru Kuso Onna” doesn’t mean “A bitch who likes pop culture” but “A bitch who likes herself and appealing “I like Sabukaru””.

By the way, why do they use the word “woman(bitch)” ? Because main characters of Pop Team Epic are women.

If they are men, it may be “サブカルクソ男Sabukaru Kuso Otoko”(Otoko=man).
So they criticize themselves.

Anyway, this is expressing that otaku culture is so loved by Japanese people!


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