[Topic] Jump’s Universal Manga Contest wants you !

Weekly Shonen Jump is the best-selling manga magazine which publish 3,000,000 copies every week.

Many big hit manga has been published by Jump.

One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Dragon Ball, My Hero Academia, Gintama and we can’t write them all !

And Jump will have become the 50th Anniversary in 2018.

For celebrating the 50th Anniversary, Jump announced to hold Jump’s Universal Manga Contest.

Official site

They want recruit top talents from all over the World.

You can entry for it with 8 languages (JP/SC/TC/KO/EN/RU/ES/FR)

The head judge is Masashi Kishimoto, mangaka of Naruto !
Mr.Naruto will read your manga.


The finalist will be acquired 1,000,000 Yen (= 9,000 USD).

And your manga will be published in Jump!


Only Japanese authors have been drawing manga in Jump for 49 years.

It’s You!

You will be the first mangaka (manga author) from over the seas!


Get your pen, it’s time for drawing !

All of otaku are waiting for your new manga !



If you want to create manga with app, Jump prepared it.

See this article for Jump Paint


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