[Japanese language] What are 〇 and × ?

Surely you have seen these marks 〇 and × in anime.

〇 is maru (まる) which means yes, right, correct,etc

× is batsu (ばつ) which means no, wrong, bad,etc.

You may know these gestures.

When you take a exam, your teacher will mark it like this.

And we can write “×” in another style.

So check mark ✔ is NOT for correct in Japan.

It may confuse you.

A new anime series “Nana maru san batsu” will be aired from July 2017.

Official site

This title means 7〇 3× and its logo is composed with 〇 and ×.

Its story describes about competitions of quiz.

Ok, you should join it.

You keep 2 plates in your hands.

Pose you a question.

Your answer ?

Yes, you are correct !

And I add one more mark, △(sankaku).

It means not good.

〇: good

△: not good

×: bad

It confused you more?

When you learn very well, teacher gives you special maru called hanamaru (flower + maru).

Hanamaru is an honor for kids!

You can find it in anime.

The anime series of Touken ranbu is given the name “Touken ranbu – Hanamaru-“.

One of the girls in Love Live Sunshine is Hanamaru Kunikida.

So we thank you very much for your visiting to our site.

We send you maru !


Batsu has a homonym that is written as 罰.
It means punishment or penalty.

This word play is found in O Maidens in Your Savage Season (荒ぶる季節の乙女どもよ。 Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo).

When they say batsu (ばつ), it means “that’s wrong” and “that should be punished” at the same time.

The writer Mari Okada (Anohana, etc) likes such a joke.

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