[Japanese language] 砕け散るところを見せてあげるKudakechiru Tokoro wo Misete Ageru

砕け散るところを見せてあげるKudakechiru Tokoro o Misete Ageru” by Yuyuko Takemiya

“I Will Show You A Broken Place”

Yuyuko Takemiya is author of Toradora!


I think that Toradora! is the best romantic comedy anime(or light novel) in recent years.

In contrast to romantic comedy, “Kudakechiru Tokoro o Misete Ageru” is very sad, serious, heavy, but hopeful story and it is also a masterpiece!

This story is about “清澄Kiyosumi” who want to be a Hero and “波璃Hari” who is bullied severely by all classmates.

I believe that this novel will become anime or live-action version in the near future because it is highly-praised by not only Toradora! fan but also not otaku people who are novel fan.


There is no exact translation for “あげるAgeru” in English.
It means “I’ll do something for you”

由乃が守ってあげるYuno ga Mamotte Ageru(I will protect you)


みくみくにしてあげる♪ Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru♪(I’ll Make you Miku Miku-ed♪)

私がお世話してあげる!Watashiga Osewa Shite Ageru!(I’ll look after you!)


But this word sometimes has looking down nuance.
Let’s be careful!

気持ちよくしてあげるKimochiyoku Shite Ageru(I’ll make you feel good)


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