[Japanese language] けいおん!K-On!(Keion!)

けいおん!K-On!(Keion!)” by Kakifly/Kyoto Animation

K-On! changed existence way of bishojo or moe anime in Japan by its friendly story, character, illustration style for not otaku people.(bishojo or moe means cute girl illust & characters)

Probably, the name “けいおん!K-On!” is known by almost all young Japanese people(Aside from whether they have seen or not).

I think that big hit of K-On is one factor of big hit of Kimi no Na wa in Japan.



けいおんK-On, Keion! = 軽音(Kanji) = 軽音楽keiongaku = light music

K-ON!’s music was light but made a strong impression many young people in Japan!

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