[Japanese language] 干物妹!うまるちゃんHimouto! Umaru-chan(layabout sister! Umaru-chan)

Himouto! Umaru-chan season2 will start this autumn!

[Anime][Manga] Himouto! Umaru-chan season2 PV

“うまるちゃんUmaru-chan” is her name.


What is “干物妹Himouto”?

As she is layabout in her home, “干物妹Himouto” means “layabout sister” or “lazy sister” etc.

But 干物妹Himouto is coined word, “干物Himono” + “妹Imouto”

干物Himono = dried fish
妹Imouto = younger sister

This is Himono.
Why is this Umaru-chan!?!????


There was a manga “ホタルノヒカリHotaru no Hikari” in 2004-2009.
It had been adapted into TV drama series and live action film and achieved popularity(2010-2012).
A coined word “干物女Himono onna” which means “lazy, layabout woman” appeared in this manga and drama.

Oh!! She is a bit like Umaru-chan!!

In this manga(drama), “live fish” is compared to “active”, “dried fish” is compared to “layabout” or “lazy”.

So “干物妹Himouto” = “干物Himono(dried fish: lazy or layabout)” + “妹Imouto(younger sister)”.

Himonoimouto → Himouto !!!

いざ行け干物妹ライフ★ Iza Yuke Himouto Life★
(Let’s go layabout sister life)

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