[Japanese language] みみめめMIMI (Mimi Meme MIMI)

I like みみめめMIMI(Mimi Meme MIMI) in the recent anison singer.
They are consist of ユカYuka(composer, singer) and ちゃもーいChamoi(illustrator).
Their characteristic are sweet melody and kawaii and psychedelic illustrations(MV)!

A Town Where You Live OP Sentimental Love

Sweetness and Lightning(Amaama to Inazuma) OP Harebare Fanfare

みみMimi = ear
めMe = eye

They show our “みみMimi(ear)” and “めMe(eye)” a good time.
It means origin of name “みみめめMIMI Ear-Eye-Eye-Ear”

In their concert, showing MV while singing.

Japanese language is consists of Hiragana, Katakana Kanji(Chinese characters).

みみMimi(ear) is Hiragana.
It is written as “耳” in Kanji.

めMe(eye) is written as “目” in Kanji.

Kanji evolved from pictograph.

Japanese students must learn 2000Kanji by Kanji Workbook!!


So many students tend to have a feeling of being not good at Kanji.
They say “We are てんてこ舞いTentekomai(tremendously busy)!”

Nozo x Kimi OP Tantekomai

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