[Report] Exhibition of Games’ history “あそぶ!ゲーム展 Asobu! Game Ten

Exhibition of Games’ history “あそぶ!ゲーム展 Asobu! Game Ten” is being held in Saitama(10 September 2016 – 12 March 2017)

In this event, Japanese retro arcade and home video games are exhibited and all of these are available!

Arcade games!

Mainly 80s games are exhibited.
In this age, Japanese arcade”ゲームセンターgame center” was called “不良のたまり場Furyo no Tamariba(haunt among bad boys)”, sometimes otaku and bad boys existed together!

Xevious!!(by Masanobu Endō)
In Japan, all of scrolling shooters started from this game!

Development data of Xevious!



This is a monument of scrolling shooter video games!!

Game Music of this series are so cool!!

Cute characters of this series were so popular.

WinBee was my first moe experience…about 25 years ago…

Mine Yoshizaki‘s manga(character designer of Kemono Friends)

Characteristics of this game was so wide and spectacular screen!!
As speakers are set in seat, we can experience extremely powerful sound!!

Development data of Darius.

So cooool design!!!


Recently, this game became a topic in Japanese otaku because of tragic story.

For example, this space craft’s pilot was operated to remove the brain and it’s directory connected to the cockpit in R-Type I…

The Tower of Druaga!!
Of course, masterpiece of role-playing video game!!
This game was also designed by Masanobu Endō…so great….!!

Heroine characteer “Ki” still has deep-rooted popularity.

Home video games

Family computer, Donkey Kong!!
Mario first appeared in this game as main character.

Final Fantasy!!

30 years made them ikemen(handsomegood‐looking)!!!!

In 1987

In 2016!!!

PC engine

This is the first high‐performance home video game and had released many arcade games.


Super Darius

源平討魔伝Genpei Toumaden

And it was the first home video game using CD-ROM.

So many bishojo and moe games had released!!

ときめきメモリアルTokimeki Memorial

銀河お嬢様伝説ユナGinga Ojōsama Densetsu Yuna(Galaxy Fräulein Yuna)

ドラゴンナイトDragon Knight

Mega Drive!! and The Ninja Warriors!!

Mega Drive had released many unique games!!
In Japan, they sometime called “バカゲーBakage(unique or poor games)” with love!!

Sword Of Sodan


But had also released many masterpieces!!
I think that Mega Drive was the most aggressive home video game in Japanese game history!!

Gunstar Heroes

Sonic the Hedgehog

Shining Force


Neo-Geo made it possible to play just the same arcade game in home!!
(If we wanted to play arcade game in home, we had to buy arcade system board till then.)

In this age it was The Golden Age of fighting game in Japan!
Great fighting games had been born!!

Fatal Fury Special!!

Samurai Spirits!!!!!

King Of Fighters!!!!!!!

As I love fighting games, I used to play them like a madman!!(In Japanese “廃人Haijin”)
If I had Neo-Geo in this age, I may have become ひきこもりHikikomori(don’t work and stay home all day)…..

There are many other games and all of them are freely available!

We can also experience game sound with our hand.

Musical score of Salamander!!

Its game music is super coooooooool!!!!!

Doujinshi “ゲームフリークGAME FREAK(1983)” by Satoshi Tajiri, father of Pokemon

If you are “懐古厨Kaikocyu(nostalgia fag)”, let’s go this exhibition and feel “昔は良かった・・・Mukashi wa Yokatta(good old days…)”
But we should take care not to be said “老害Rougai(trouble caused by old people)”


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