[Topic] If you think “I want to die” in the future, read this manga! by Shinya Suzuki(Mr. Fullswing)

Shinya Suzuki, author of Mr. Fullswing, draw manga for his 5 years old daughter.

I will translate it to share with you.

Many news about committing suicide have been reported lately.
If I had not become mangaka, I also might have killed myself…
Furthermore, my daughter said “I don’t want to go kindergarten because there are a severe teacher and mean boys”

My daughter, If you think “I want to die” in the future, read this manga!

A person’s life is like a room with a gas leak.
Gas means trouble, sorrow, anguish etc.

If gas fill the room, we will die!

We should open a window before it is too late.
Opening window means hobby, pleasant chat… It is different from each other.
Carefree or optimistic person are no exceptions.
They are master of opening window!

If you have deep trouble and think “I want to die”,
R U N A W A Y ! ! ! !
I can help you, give you my eyes and organs, but death cannot be undone.

The opened window brings a beautiful world for you!

“I want to eat delicious dinner today”
“I want to see a favorite movie”

It is very human.

Living is miracle.

So good manga!

I think that the important thing for her is not methods to open the window but her father have drawn this manga thinking about her future!


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