[Topic]Yuri on Ice in the Multi-Cultural World with Katsudon!

Many international skaters are gathering into the ice skate rink.

I guess you have a question.

“What language do they speak to communicate each other?”

It doesn’t matter.

They express themselves by beautiful skating.


Yuri Katsuki’s home town is Saga Prefecture in Kyushu.

Yuri speaks to his friends with a local accent. It’s different from common Japanese speaking(= Tokyo accent).

But it’s not emphasized in the story.

It doesn’t matter in YOI.

The skaters exert all their powers and manifest their personality.


Phichit seems to be proud of Thai culture.

He is always friendly to everyone, and loves SNS.


Otabek Altin hadn’t succeeded in a Russian ballet school, but found a good relationship with Yuri Plisetsky.

He has skated in his cultural costume.


Leo de la Iglesia is called as an American skater.

Of course, he has a cultural background of Latin America.


The King JJ is introduced as a Canadian.

We can imagine that he was born as a French Canadian for his name, Jean-Jacques Leroy. He may speak French with his family. (TIP: Le Roy means The King in French. Oh!)

Each character has various aspects and backgrounds.


And I have an interpretation on an important thing in the beginning of this story.

It’s a symbolic expression of mutual understanding.

In Ep01, Yuri has been losing his motivation to continue competing and has been getting fat with eating many bowls of katsudon.

Katsudon is a popular Japanese dish. So this fine cuisine, fried meat covered by egg on rice, is not good for athletes.

Suddenly Victor has come to proposed to be his coach.

Victor gave advice to Yuri to change his life style, but felt interested in a katsudon.

He loved it!


This is the scene that Victor accepts Yuri.

The katsudon is the symbol of Yuri’s worry and trouble.

He wants to eat it, but it makes him fat… He wants to continue skating, but doubts his talent…

World Champion recognized the anxiety of a dull fatty skater and took it inside.

Victor also has lost his motivation after winning all tournaments.

Eating a katsudon means the start point of their mutual understanding.

In Ep02, Yuri said to Victor,

“I’m going to be a super tasty katsudon, so please watch me.”

Yes, you are watching !

Needless to explain how they got closer.


On the other hand, Yurio (Yuri Plisetsky) has been angry with them since Ep02.

However, he eats a Russian pastry called piroshki in Ep07.

His grandfather cooked it, surprisingly, with putting katsudon inside.

This scene tells you that Yurio starts to respect Yuri by watching his improved skating.

That’s why Yuri has already become a good katsudon.


YOI describes the competitions on ice skating.

Everyone makes the best effort, but someone must lose out.

These skaters respect each other in such a severe situation.

There are no barriers.

A Katsudon-boy can dance beautifully on ice and can get married with someone he loves without interference.


Finally, Guang-Hong Ji has skated in a rainbow colored costume!

This is Yuri on Ice!


Eh, after writing this article, I’m getting hungry….

I’ve bought a katsudon right now at a supermarket nearby.

(for take-away, 300 Yen=3 USD)


You look it good?

Please come to Japan to visit many otaku events and to taste a good katsudon!

Strongly recommend you!!!


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