[Topic]How to enjoy Kemono Friends? With melting down your brain!

The newly series anime Kemono Friends (けものフレンズ) had started January 2018.
Kemono means animal or beast.

After watching 2 minutes, you might have thought; “what a dull CG motion, it’s for kids under 4 years old”.

No, you’ve been spoiled by Pixar big budget movies.
Japanese anime isn’t oriented toward that.

Look, it’s getting so much popularity now.
The director, Tatsuki, tweeted; “What happened? Becoming popular?”

He is also all in a tumble.



I’ll introduce you how to enjoy Kemono Friends.


This story is very simple.

Humanized animals meet a girl and they walk around in the Japari-park friendly.

But looking carefully, you find that this park is ruined. We have no information on the outside.

These animal characters (Kemono) seem to have less intelligence.

The main chara, Serval-chan, communicates in a few words. Sugoi! (Great!), Omoshiroi! (Funny!), Tanoshii! (Joyful!) etc.

They have neither troubles nor worries, because of lacking intelligence?


She likes to do “hunting play”.

She wants to chase animals, but doesn’t eat.

Kemono have lost their instincts.

The story suggests us that Kemono had been transformed from normal animals by mysterious power(?).


Sometimes encountering an enemy, called “Cerulean”.

Kemono attacks it to eliminate. It may be harmful.

Cerulean may have an influence on the existence of Kemono and the state of this park.


There is only a human, who is named Kaban-chan, because she has an artificial thing = a bag (kaban).

She is intelligent and skillful, but has no memories. She doesn’t know who she is.

And this robot talks to her only.

He seems to have worked as a tour guide in the park and leads her.

She is the symbol of human.

Serval-chan takes Kaban-chan to the library to identify her.

This anime will bring us the ultimate answer.

What is human being?


So I think that it’s similar to our society.

Japan has being lost activity by the long-term recession.

We don’t know what we should do like Kaban-chan.

Our life is shrinking slowly.

We look back with nostalgia on the delightful past days with losing humanity.


Sorry, I’m getting too negative on my life.


Take it easy!

Let’s watch this program, that’s why Kemono are very cute!

Your brain will start to melt down by mysterious happiness.

Tanoshii! (Joyful!)


Listen to the OP music!

“Welcome to the Japari-Park”!


Why don’t you become a Friends?
You are always welcome!

These chara are designed by Mine Yoshizaki.
He is also the original manga author of Sergeant Frog(Sgt.Frog).

So cute!

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