[Topic]What is Shota? – Shotacon,Otokonoko,Josou

In 1981, someone posted a letter to an otaku magazine.

“Men who like little girls are called loli-con(ロリコン, lolita complex). What do we call women who like little boys?”


The editor replied jokingly;

“The typical cute boy in manga is Shotaro. They should be called Shota-con(ショタコン).”


Shotaro(正太郎) is a main character in Tetsujin 28-go.

It’s an origin of robot manga published in 1956.

He is Shotaro who manipulates this robot(Tetsujin 28-go).

I don’t know whether he had been loved by many women in past days or not.

Any way, the word of “Shota(ショタ)” means “cute boy” now. (sometimes written as “Syota”)

And shota-con is the preference for shota. Not only by women, of course, men like them.


*Example of Shota*

Mashin Hero Wataru


Inazuma Eleven


Shinji Ikari in Neon Genesis Evangelion


The word like this tends to derive relative words.

The boy who looks like a girl and behaves like a girl is called “otokonoko”(男の娘).

Also called as loli-shota etc.

Cross-dressing doesn’t matter. He may wear men’s clothes or women’s.

Josou(女装) is a common word for “wearing women’s clothes”. Josou-danshi means “boy wearing women’s clothes”.

The concept of otokonoko doesn’t correspond to his sexual identity.

*Example of Otokonoko*

Hasuta in Nyaruko: Crawling with Love


Hideyoshi in Baka and Test



Japanese anime has been sending us many shota.

Otaku has been receiving them thankfully and holds these events of doujinshi.

Shota Scratch31



Respect diversity!

Go ahead!






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