[Topic]What is Kyushu boy? In Yuri on Ice EP10

When we talk about EP10 of Yuri on Ice, you always remind yourself the marriage of Yuri and Victor.
[Topic] Where did Yuri and Victor “get married” ? YOI

Yes, it’s the best moment of YOI.
So we show you another scene of EP10.

The ending of EP10, Yuri is dancing very hard with drinking too much alcohol.

He regretted it and sighed, “oh, it’s cause of the blood of my father who is the Kyushu dandanji”.
What is “Kyushu danji” ?

At first, Kyushu is the name of region of Japan.

You can find it in the southwest part in the map.

Yuri’s home town is Saga. He was born in Kyushu.

And “danji” means boy.
It’s very easy to understand, Kyushu danji is Kyushu boy.
Men in Kyushu is called as Kyushu danji.

But men in Tokyo isn’t call as Tokyo danji.
Why does Kyushu danji have his own nick name?

Because they tend to be mannish and dynamic, often drink much alcohol.
They are proud that they are Kyushu danji.

Of course, it’s only a way of life in Kyushu.
Yuri is very gentle and shy as you know.

But the original writer of YOI, Misturou Kubo is also born in Kyushu.
She knows well the behavior of Kyushu danji, maybe.
Yuri is very shy, but exposes his nature after drinking alcohol ?

By the way, are you watching the anime series of Drifters?

It’s a historical fiction with full of actions.
The main character, Shimazu Toyohisa, likes to battle and has no fear to be dead.
He is just a typical Kyushu danji.
“Leave your head!”

Ah, I hope Yuri keep to be gentle.

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