[Idol] Haruka Ishida (石田晴香) graduates from AKB48!

Haruka Ishida (石田 晴香) a.k.a. Harucan, self-introducing “the most Kawaii of the world” performed on the last stage on 17 April 2016.

She joined to the largest idol girl group AKB48 2008.
Her unique voice and dynamic dance with a small body have charmed us on every stages.
2013, she acted as Hatsune Miku on the musical stage of Senbonzakura (千本桜).

Now she announced to leave AKB48 to try to become a voice actress = seiyuu.
Somebody knows that she had already acted as a seiyuu.
Yes, she did.

AKB0048 – Kanata Shinonome (東雲 彼方)

Nobunaga the Fool – Bianchi Țepeş (ビアンキ・ツェペシュ)

We must tell you her most important role in an anime on Internet.

Jigoku Youchien (地獄ようちえん) – Sakura chan (さくらちゃん)

To tell the truth, the administrator of this site is the originator of that anime.
Harucan voiced a main chara and had been a MC of its promotion program on Niconico douga.
That’s why, we take notice of her activities.

We don’t know that these roles were given by grace of AKB48 ?
She will challenge to became a professional seiyuu individually.
This is the graduation for her next stage.
It’s not easy to compete with plenty of seiyuu to get a role.

So we are cheering her up !
Harucan, do it !!!

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