[Topic] Naruto Uzumaki, Naruto Kamaboko, Naruto whirlpools

I went to 淡路島Awaji-shima island from 03 January 2017 to 05 January 2017.

Do you know “NARUTO” ?
This island has so much to do with NARUTO!

So nice scenery!!

Where is NARUTO?

This is かりんちゃんKarin-chan…not NARUTO…
Original character of 薫寿堂Kunjudo(long-established incense store, 1893: Established)

Oh…This is 半田そうめんHanda Somen(Somen is white and thin noodle)…not NARUTO…
Handa Somen has a long history(over 200years!!).

This is Evangelion Shinkansen
We can ride it at Shin-Kobe station.

Am I hungry!
Awaji-shima island is famous for 鯛Tai(sea bream), ふぐFugu(blowfish), 淡路牛Awaji gyu(Awaji beef)!

I’m very full and satisfied!
So I can’t find NARUTO, let’s go Awaji sightseeing!

Soooooooo nice viewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!

Awaji-shima has two long bridge.
明石海峡大橋 Akashi Kaikyo Ohashi

大鳴門橋 O Naruto Kyo



Let’s go O NARUTO Kyo!!!

This is Mezashi(dried sardines) store! Not NARUTO!
Where is he?

Let’s get into an elevator!

Sightseeing tower of O Naruto Kyo.

Very beautiful view from a height!
I feel as if I’m a Ninja Boy!!

But I can’t find NARUTO…
There is a road for enjoying walks”Uzu no Michi” at O Naruto Kyo…

Wow!!! NARUTO!!!
I found him at last!!!

Historically, this sea is called “鳴門海峡 Naruto Kaikyo(Naruto Strait)“.

And there are a tidal whirlpools “鳴門の渦潮 Naruto no Uzushio(The Naruto whirlpools)“.

We can see it from Uzu no Michi or on-board.

Naruto whirlpools were also drawn by 歌川広重 Hiroshige Utagawa(ukiyo-e artist) at 1855.

A popular Japanese food Naruto Kamaboko(fish cake) was named after Naruto whirlpools.
Naruto Kamaboko is simply called “Naruto” in Japan.

And NARUTO was named after Naruto!!

By the way, full name of NARUTO is “Naruto Uzumaki“.
“Uzumaki” means “whorls, spiral, coil-shaped etc”!

And NARUTO likes Ramen.
Ramen is often topped with some Naruto.

“鳴門Naruto”, Geographical name of Japanese small island, becomes a word which is known all over the world now.
It makes me feel wonderful and happy!

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