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Today is 01 January! あけましておめでとうございますAkemashite Omedeto Gozaimasu(Happy New Year)!

New Year is called “お正月Oshogatsu” and 01 January is called “元旦Gantan” in Japan.
We usually go to shrine during Oshogatsu or Gantan. It is called “初詣Hatsumode(First visit to shrine)“.

So crowded!!

Since almost all Japanese go to Hatsumode, a way to shrine is filled to overflowing with streams of people.

30 minutes have passed…
I’m getting sleepy…

He is also tired of waiting and fall asleep…

In Hatsumode, there are lots of stalls.

We can eat たこ焼きTakoyaki, 焼きそばYakisoba, 甘酒Amazake and so on!

Here I am finally at the shrine!
It took me about an hour!

But many Japanese think that long waiting time to shrine is part of the attraction of Hatsumode.
It is called “風物詩Fubutsushi(special feature, poetic charm)” to complain about long waiting time and coldness of winter with friends or family.

At shrine, we donate some money in a donation box and pray for a successful and rewarding year.
I prayed for good health and harmonious marriage!

And we can draw “おみくじOmikuji(fortune slip)” here!
Omikuji tells us the fortune for the year.

Wow! “吉Kichi” !!

Kichi means “good luck”!

大吉Dai Kichi  very good luck / Best Luck
吉Kichi  good luck
中吉Chu Kichi  Average Good Luck
小吉Sho Kichi  Average Luck
末吉Sue Kichi  Lucky in the End / Late Good Luck
凶Kyo  bad luck / No Luck
大凶Dai Kyo  extremely bad luck

And Omikuji tells us detailed fortune too!
What about my Kichi?

“こちらによくすれば あちらにわるく 右によくすれば左にわるく常に心の迷いあり 腹立ちやすい心を押えて利欲をすて 驕を戒しめれば人望まし利益を得ます”

Summary: You will always have anguish of heart but must put up with it.

Oh…Really? Kichi(good luck)??

We can buy charms or amulets called “お守りOmamori” and “破魔矢Hamaya” here.

I bought “だるまDaruma(traditional Japanese tumbler doll)“!
It is a bringer of good luck and considered a symbol of perseverance and reaching the objective, as it always stands up positively.

I pray Daruma for good health and harmonious marriage again!!!
(“健康Kenko” means good health, “良縁Ryoen” means good marriage)

Of course, I will keep trying my best with otakucalendarjapan!

謹賀新年Kingashinnen(I wish you a happy New Year)

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