[Topic]Hollywood Stars’ Hidden Job in Japan(1)

Someone said that Hollywood stars act only in movies, not in TV show and never work for advertisement.
Well, I didn’t know it.
Because we find their Ad works often in Japanese TV.
Japan is an island country and has a language barrier to other countries.
Hollywood stars come to Japan to make money under contract as “keep it secret”.
Internet reveals their comical acts in Ad !

Schwarzenegger in Cup noodles Ad
Terminator is dancing with kettles!!!

In energy drink Ad.
Daijou V! (I’m fine!)

Jean Reno in Toyota Ad
He cosplays(?) Doraemon!

Leonardo DiCaprio
He appears often in Japanese Ad.

A police agent in chasing breaks something and compensates for it by a credit card. (1998)

Ah, super star is driving a small car!

Tommy Lee Jones in Coffee Ad
He is an alien to research the life of human.
This is a long running series, maybe Jones loves it.

Finally he’s arrived Akihabara! Maid café!

Quentin Tarantino in cell phone Ad

Sonny Chiba is his favorite actor, acted in Kill Bill!

Michael Jackson in Motorcycle Ad
The King of Pop is so cute! Maybe in 1981 or 1982.
You must watch MJ’s dance!
He says “Love is my message”. Ah!

Many other commercial videos by Hollywood stars will be introduced to you!
To be continued.

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