[Topic] Coupling War among otaku girls


This anime makes us well laughing with a little bit of sentiment.
We enjoy it but its title is very complex.
Japanese original title is Watashi ga Motete Dousunda (私がモテてどうすんだ), meaing “What Should I Do? I’m Popular”. Abbreviated as WataMote.
It’s translated as “Kiss Him, Not Me”.
It sounds great !

The main chara, Kae Serinuma (芹沼 花依), is an otaku girl, especially likes a genre of boys love.
In episode 06, she has a quarrel with her best friend by a certain subject.

The “reversal coupling” is NOT acceptable !!!

This article tries to explain it. What a tough work !

Every otaku has her/his own tastes.
As watching an anime, an otaku girl finds her imaginary story, “he loves him,no doubt”.
We had called her yaoi girl, now call fujoshi (rotten girl).
This site respects their life, ok.

Fujoshi categorizes their favorite boy charas into seme(攻め) or uke(受け) .
So it’s very sensible matter to explain.

In direct translation, seme means “attacker” and uke means “receiver”.
A bad translation, is it.
I guess, “positive” and “passive” are appropriate.
A seme boy tends to approach an uke boy to do something.
This is the “coupling”, meaning an orientation in love affaires between two boys.

For example,
You like watching an anime featuring ice-skating.

Suppose, there are Boy Y and Boy V.


A certain fujoshi A feels, “Boy Y is seme and he must approach V!”.
(It’s symbolized as Y x V)

If her friend, fujoshi B accept this “coupling”, they can keep a good friendship.
But in another case, she replies, “No! V is a coach. He must teach Y everything!”
(It’s symbolized as V x Y)

Generally, “reversal coupling” is hard to be accepted by many fujoshi.
“Y x V” and “V x Y” are quite different.

That’s why, in EP06 of WataMote, two girls barely broke their friendship.

This site is provided by two otaku guys.
We don’t understand exactly the relationship among otaku girls.

Anyway, we respect LIBERTY !!!

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