[Topic] Public Free VPN for Better Otaku Life

The Internet has enlarged the World !
Many Otaku want to connect their brain to internet directly like Ghost in the Shell.

Anyway, internet connection is sometimes limited by unclear reasons.

When you go to visit LINE to buy virtual stickers of Re:Zero.
LINE stamps : Re:Zero
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Who blocked your way to her ?
She says to you, ”おはようございます (Good morning)”.

Ok, you will reach there by a pathway.

A virtual private network (VPN) helps us to pass through an invisible barrier.

But we’ve found many monsters on the internet.
They invite us with sweet words to let us put on a trap.
Never trust “Free of charge”.
So as an absolute honesty blogger, I propose you to test this.

VPN Gate

This is an academic research project by Tsukuba University.
They provide you to use public, free and secure system.

Tsukuba University has turned out many thousands of good engineers and excellent researchers,because it’s located among the mountains.
All they can do is work. No place to play.
We must respect them.

If you want to try, read instruction and install a VPN Gate client.

Select “Japan” and connect to internet.
You can pretend to connect from Japan virtually.


You’ve arrived !


Explore the virtual world at your own risk !



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