[Topic] My home otaku town Tachikawa

立川Tachikawa” is my hometown and otaku city!
It is in the western part of Tokyo.

About 30-40 years ago, Tachikawa was so dangerous city and there were many 暴走族Bosozoku(Japanese bad boy’s subculture associated with customized motorcycles.).

As many Tachikawa teens thought “bad boy” was “cool boy” then, I used to say “My future dream was to become a Bosozoku!” when I had been an elementary schoolboy.

So cool!!

But now, Tachikawa have changed so safe and clean and otaku city!

昭和記念公園Showa Kinen Park is very beautiful and calm.

Many anime, manga etc have been set in Tachikawa.

A Certain Magical Index and A Certain Scientific Railgun

Gatchaman Crowds

Saint Young Men

And more!

Otaku event “立川あにきゃんTachikawa Anican” was held on 03 November 2016.

And there are many otaku shops!


A Certain Scientific Railgun rubber strap Tachikawa limited edition.


So many figure & goods have been born here!

Card shop ファミコンくんFamicom-kun
This shop was a used video game shop(especially Family Computer(NES)) in my childhood, about ’80s-90’s.
I remember that I had brought my favorite video games over 20 titles to this shop to buy a Super Famicom(SNES)…nostalgic…

There had been my old art school here”立川美術学院Tachikawa Bijutsu Gakuin“.

Oh! but it has changed to Toranoana(Doujin shop)!

And my old art school have moved to small building…

Well…I’ll lift my heart to buy doujinshi…

I couldn’t be successful in mangaka or illustrator, I had a valuable experience during my schooldays.

[Original Manga]Income of Mangaka

And Tachikawa has many arcades!

About 20-25 years ago, fighting games had boomed on a large scale, there were much more arcades and fierce fighting game-match occured in Tachikawa every day.
Street Fighter, The King of Fighters, Virtua Fighter, Tekken, etc.

I also enjoyed fighting games night and day with enthusiasm!

Daigo Umehara is my hero!

In Tachikawa, high school’s poster is anime style too!

“私たちと一緒に、高校生活を楽しもう Watashitachi to Issho ni Kokoseikatsu wo Tanosimou(Let’s enjoy high school life with us!)”

Tachikawa is famous for Ramen battleground too!

Tachikawa Ramen

鏡花 Kyoka” is one of the long-established and my favorite stores.

Tachikawa has various life on town-side, country-side, foodie, otaku, (someimes Bosozoku) and they are all very typically Japanese!

Welcome to Tachikawa!

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