[Topic] Pikotaro invading the world with PPAP !

The man in leopard-spotted costume is singing with smile.
The video for only 45 second long has been viewed more than 68 million times on YouTube.
The singer, Pikotaro, receives Guinness world record of the shortest song ever to enter the Billboard Hot 100 chart by “Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen (ペンパイナッポーアッポーペン)”.

Pikotaro is a fictional character created by Daimaou Kosaka (古坂 大魔王).

He is a Japanese comedian. It’s hard to say, but he has been not so popular.
His friends often say, “he always makes us laugh in the dressing room, but it’s never showed on the stage.”

He had formed a comedy trio, Sokonuke Air-LINE (底ぬけAIR-LINE) and had performed musical comedy.
After that, he has acted as a DJ and a musician named Pikotaro (ピコ太郎).
Piko is a imitative word for electric sound and taro is a typical boy’s first name.
He spent 10,000Yen (950USD) to make this video.
There were an apple in the studio and it inspired him to sing.
He always keeps apples close to him because his born place, Aomori (青森), produces good apples.

And he gives us a notion, “don’t stab an apple by a pen. It wastes an apple. Mottainai.”

Finally he gets a worldwide popularity.
Without wasting time, the PPAP Café will be opened in Tokyo on 1st November.

Why not ? The menu is associated with pen, pineapple and apple.

He is very excited with seeing the videos that people all over the world imitate his song and dance.
OK, otaku in the world, let’s dance and post the video !

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