[Cooking] You want to be a katsudon ? – Yuri on Ice

What a fantastic anime, Yuri on Ice !
Beautiful skating moments are animated actively.

The real skate queen Evgenia Medvedeva also loves it.

A yaoi girl can be the best skater.
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In the beginning of this story, Yuri Katsuki meets Yuri Plisetsky.
They decided to have a match to keep Victor Nikiforov beside.
Katsuki said to Victor before his skating.

“I’m going to be a super tasty pork cutlet bowl, so please watch me.”

I don’t know how to become a katsudon.
I’ll tell you how to cook a katsudon (カツ丼 pork cutlet bowl) !

1. A slice of pork meat.

2. Coat it in flour, egg and panko (bread crumbs).

3. Make it fried.

4. On the other hand, boiling onion in soy sauce-based soup.

5. Add pork cutlet and pour the egg.

6. Put it on the rice.

7. Katsudon !

“Katsu (カツ)” is derived from cutlet and it has the same pronunciation as a word meaning “victory(勝つ)”.
So athletes tend to eat a katsu before a match to make a good play.
I wish him to become a great skater, not katsudon.

Anyway, katsudon is not an expensive dish.
You can find a good one in a small restaurant in every towns of Japan.

Come to Japan and taste a katsudon !

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