[Report] Game Market – analog games convention

Otaku culture is developing in various fields.
This article introduces you an event for “analog games”.
How do you imagine analog games that do not require electricity ?
Board games, card games, simulation games, role-playing games, traditional games (such as go and shogi) etc.
All had gathered in Game Market on 5 May 2016.


About 500 booths exhibited their original games.
Simple items with full of ideas entertained more than 10,000 visitors !
This event has been held 3 times par year since 2000 at Tokyo Big Sight or at Kobe Convention Center.

Unfortunately, Japan has suffered by plural natural disasters since 2011.
Infrastructures was destroyed with cutting off the electricity and water.
In a hard time, kids want a recreation.
Analog games can make them smiling.
This site respects all of game creators !

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