[Topic] Bakuon!! EP5 Secret of the Holy Grail ?

In Episode 05, Hane and friends reached Hokkaidou.
Everyone seems to have burned this scene in your brain.
I kwow. But we present you minor details.

In EP04, a mysterious person gave something to Hane.
Rin found it “the Holy Grail”.
This is a tee cup for green tea. The cylindrical one like this is generally used in sushi restaurant.

But this is an original item of Suzuki
You can buy it at Suzuki’s shop,if you want.

Why does heavy industry make a sushi goods ?


The founder of this company is Mr.Suzuki (鈴木).
The fish ,good for sushi, is Suzuki(鱸).

The international excellent company gave us an excellent joke.

In addition,
If you are a shareholder of Yamaha, you would be offered a pack of green tea.
The headquarters of Yamaha is located in Shizuoka Prefecture, known as a production area of good green tea.

In conclusion,
Japan’s heavy industrial companies like green tea.

Do you like green tea ?

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