[Music]BABYMETAL Fox God bless girls! (Revisioned)

Are you addicted to BABYMETAL ? (official site)

The great guitarist Kirk Hammett (Metallica) does so.

Their new CD album “Metal Resistance” charted #39 on the Billboard USA.

This band is composed with three girls.
Center – Su-metal (Suzuka Nakamoto 中元 すず香)
Left – Yuimetal (Yui Mizuno 水野 由結)
Right – Moametal (Moa Kikuchi 菊地 最愛)

They dress in gothic kimono, with putting fox mask on the head and making distinctive hand sign.
Someone calls it horns sign in your country? No, it’s fox.
Because Fox God gave them a divine revelation to perform to achieve the “Metal Resistance”.
Wait a moment, I will explain you briefly.
Japanese culture is originally based on the animism.
Everything have a spirit. Not only human, but also animals, plants,objects,stones,rivers,mountains and all. Why don’t foxes have a spirit?
Our ancestor believed that the fox can transform into a human and sometimes cheat them.
That’s why, a dangerous attractive woman is called “megitsune (メギツネ femal fox)”.


*Do not use this word in Japan*

The shrine to worship the fox god is called Inari (稲荷).

There are 30,000 Inari in Japan and its head shrine is Fushimi Inari Taisha (伏見稲荷大社) in Kyoto. You have already seen the beautiful photos there maybe.

But otaku must recall some series of anime.
Our Home’s Fox Deity.( 我が家のお稲荷さま。)
Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha (いなり、こんこん、恋いろは。)

Anyway, BABYMETAL is miko (巫女) for the fox god.
Miko is a shrine maiden and a priestess.
In concert performance, they are possessed with fox god to sing and dance for it. Never speaking to audiences.
Their backup band Kami band (神バンド) is summoned by the fox god. (Refer to Kami)
From ancient times, the performing arts has been spiritual exchange with gods.
BABYMETAL is a successor of the tradition with emphatic beats.

World Tour 2016 will start from May in the US. Via Europe, finally returning to Tokyo to hold a great concert in Tokyo Dome – 50,000 capacity!
September 19, come to Tokyo and be possessed with fox girls !

*additional topic
You have already found Miko in many anime ?

Kuma Miko: Girl Meets Bear (くまみこ)
Shrine of the Morning Mist (朝霧の巫女 Asagiri no Miko)
Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens (かんなぎ)
Red Data Girl (RDG レッドデータガール)
Lucky Star (らき☆すた)
Sailor Mars at Sailor Moon (美少女戦士セーラームーン)

Of course, you can meet real miko in every shrines in Japan.
Miko-san wears in white kimono jacket and scarlet hakama (long trousers) as you see in animes.
But don’t speak to them thoughtlessly.
First, they are in sacred work.
Second, it’s a part-time job for ordinary school girls in holiday.

Additional note:

Suzuka Nakamoto also known as Su-metal had performed for an opening of the anime “Zettai Karen Children (絶対可憐チルドレン)”.

The smallest girl with a mole on the upper right side of the lips is Su-metal at the age of eleven (11 years old).
On the other hand, Yuimetal loves this song so much, because when a member of her family had a severe illness, she got cheered up by it.
Now they are singing together.
What a strange coincidence !

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