[Tourism]Bakuon!! EP4 Jesus reached Far East ?

In Episode 04, Hane and friends decided to go to Hokkaidou.


On the way, Hane met a mysterious person.
He spoke strange things, Raphael drew a motorcycle in his masterpiece, etc.
In another moment, she found herself in a village.

This is a joke based on a legend (or superstition?).

Jesus Christ reached Herai (戸来) Village of Aomori Prefecture and lived there in his old age.
Now you can find his tomb and a small museum.

People are dancing aroud the tomb to appease his spirit every June.

In fact, that is the “invented legend” by Kiyomaro Takeuchi (竹内巨麿,1875 –1965).
He insisted to find the ancient documents proving the existence of an ancient civilization in Japan.
Unfortunately we cannot read the document because of being burned in the fires of WW II.
Takeuchi documents have inspired many authors to make anime or manga.

In your journey in Japan, would you like to make a brief stop at Herai?

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