[Culture]Bakuon!! Get your motorcycle !

Newly anime series Bakuon!! (ばくおん!!) have started on April 2016. Original by manga.
© おりもとみまな(ヤングチャンピオン烈)/ばくおん!!製作委員会
Japan has 4 great motorcycle industries, (Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki), compared with 4 girls in this story.

name of chara / manufacturer (rider’s impression) / machine / origin of her name

Hane Sakura さくら はね
Honda (well made)
CB400 SF
Hane = Wing = Honda’s logo

Onsa Amano あまの おんさ
Yamaha (sporty with high tech)
Onsa = Tuning fork = Yamaha’s logo

Rin Suzuoki すずのき りん
Suzuki (high powered but bizarre shaped)
GSX400S Katana
Suzunoki Rin = kirin = title of a manga featuring Katana

Raimu Kawasaki かわさき らいむ
Kawasaki (for maniacs)
Ninja ZX-12R
Raimu = lime green = typical color for Ninja

In episode 1, Hane decided to go to a motor school to acquire a driver’s license.
We introduce you the administration system for the license in Japan.
Minimum age to drive is 16.
Motorcycles are classified by engine displacement, measured with cubic centimeters(cc).

Motored bicycle – less than 50cc
(*without pedals)

Small class motorcycle – 51 to 125cc
Middle class motorcycle – 126 to 400cc
Large class motorcycle – more than 400cc

Hane selected middle class course in the motor school.
She must attend stupid many lectures, 19 hours for practice and 26 hours for legislation with paying 200,000 Yen(=1,800 USD).
After that, she must go to a municipal driver’s license center to pass the exam.
Finally she got a license!

Why is Japanese government so severe to our hobby?
Actually, the popularity of motorcycle is getting deduced.
Until 1980s, riding motorcycle had been very popular for youth.
And traffic accidents caused many fatalities and injuries.
Many high schools prohibited students to acquire a license.
All the efforts of 4 great industries, numbers of rider are not increasing.
Generation of Hane’s Papa drived not so safe.
And more important thing, girls don’t like motorcycles.

OK, my otaku friends, watch this anime and visit a motorcycle shop nearby to buy a new Japanese one, please !